Sunday 4th October 2015

Time to step up and #RISETOTHECHALLENGE

The T10 will be a ten hour endurance event to test even the toughest riders.

The event will be run on a competitive basis with riders in all classes being timed using our ‘race result’ timing system.

You can enter either as a solo rider, if you are tough enough, or as a team to share the load.

However, if you don’t feel you have the stamina to complete this event, you can ride for a shorter time of  1, 2 or 4 hours.


Ability level – Easy to Elite.


Event Guide

All our events will be run under British Cycling rules and regulations and under the supervision of British Cycling commissaries. All MTB Enduro style meetings will be on a non-ranking bases.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Only one member of any team must be on the track at any one time.
  • The rider out on the course must have the transponder with them at all times.
  • Change over of rider and transponder must only be carried out in the designated area, which will be clearly marked prior to the event.
  • Competitors must complete a full lap of the course without taking any shortcuts, to stay in the race.
  • Riders must stay within the taped areas and must not deviate from the obvious tracks.
  • If you suffer a mechanical problem then proceed around the course to the next Marshall, who will then communicate with the race director. It is permitted for other riders on the course to offer help by way of parts and equipment, but the rider must carry out their own repairs with no outside assistance.
  • Riders must complete at least 2 laps during daylight hours in order to race after dusk.
  • All laps must be completed by 21:00. Any rider finish after 21:00 will not have their last lap counted.

The winners will be decided by either the most laps completed in the given time or in the case of a tie the quickest time achieved will be classed as the winner.

G8 Events must insist that riders do not dispose of any litter out on the course. There will be specific drop areas around the track.

Unsporting behaviour, foul and abusive language, course cutting and cheating of any kind will NOT be tolerated. If this is reported then that rider/riders if solo, or the whole team will be disqualified from the race.

All riders must wear a helmet when riding their bikes, including warm up and riding around all other areas.

Finally, we would strongly recommend all competitors study the BC rules for MTB racing

Event Schedule

Signing on from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Course open from 8:30 am until 10:30 am for practice

Race starts 11:00 am

Online entry closes at midnight on Thursday 1st October.

On the day entry will close at 9:30am.


Classes **
Enter Online Enter on the day
10HR Solo Super Iron Class – Age 19+
£45 £55*
10HR Teams    
2 Rider Team – Age 19+ £60 N/A
3 Rider Team – Age 19+ £75 N/A
4 Rider Team – Age 19+ £80 N/A
Juvenile – 13 – 14 M/F £12 £25*
Youth – 15 – 16 M/F £12 £25*
Junior– 17 -18 M/F £12 £25*
Sport – 19 – 39 M/F £25 £35*
Veteran – 40 -49 M/F £25 £35*
Grand Veteran – 50+ M/F £25 £35*
Open – 19+ £25 £35*
Expert – 19+ £25 £35*
Elite – 19+ £25 £35*
 Sport – 19 – 39 M/F £30 £40*
Veteran – 40 -49 M/F £30 £40*
Grand Veteran – 50+ – M/F £30 £40*
Open – 19+ £30 £40*
Expert – 19+ £30 £40*
Elite – 19+ £30 £40*


** Classes based on your age on the 31st December 2015

*Entrance on the day is cash only


Venue Address

Fire road 24, Santon Downham (off the A1065 Brandon to Mundford road), Thetford Forest Park, Norfolk IP27 0AF