The word Motorsport for most people will cover everything from the cars in F1, to the bike racing of the Isle of man TT.

In reality, there is quite a division between the two and four wheel competitions.


The governing body is the MSA. They cover the car and four wheel sport, ranging from the young grass roots mini stock and karters of 7 and 8yrs, up to the big and powerful truck racing. In the world of Auto sport there are various surfaces to race on including the hard tarmac of famous race circuits and the straight airfields for drag racing, to the grass ovals of stockcars and banger racing.

Motorcycle Sport

The governing body is the Auto Cycle Union, with whom G8 Events are licenced and registered as National Event promoters.

The ACU govern all aspects of British Motorcycle sport from the famous Isle of Man TT to the the high speed world of Speedway.

The G8 team have expert skills in the following areas:

Motorcross or MX as it is now known originates from the classic scrambles. These events are now short course, maybe about 2 miles, of undulating terrain with big spectacular jumps. Also, with fast paced short races of about 30min, with 40 riders going head to head to the chequered flag, there are classes for all abilities and events from club level to National and International.

Supercross or SX is the new exciting indoor version of MX and is a short track with man made jumps with approximately 10 riders in each heat. The aim is to bring the sport to big arenas across the country and to a new audience who wish to be entertained in a more warm, dry surroundings.

The team at G8 have hosted many MX events and even hosted a round of the British Championships.

Enduro originates from the days of the military dispatch riders racing to and from the front lines with the Generals orders. Over the years it has been adjusted into a couple of different classes, the original Time Card and a Hare and Hound.

During Time Card events, riders must race against the clock to reach the checkpoints on time. With some stages of 26miles and some shorter, each stage has a time, and therefore penalties, for early or late arrival.

Members of the G8 team have competed across the UK in various championships including British and International events.

Hare and Hound, or H&H as it is known, are events consisting of a shorter lap, around 10 miles, against the clock. With a set number of hours to ride, there is normally a target number of laps to aim for and the riders must compete as many as they can in the allotted time.

Members of the G8 team have not only hosted a couple of H&H events but have competed in many across the UK.

In most cases, all people know about Motorcycle Trials is from the TV programme ‘Kick-Start’, but there is so much more to it than that. The skill and balance of the modern rider to control a bike over obstacles both of natural and man made design, whilst being observed and marked, is something to be admired. The riders have various sections to complete and are penalised if they take their feet off of the foot rests and loose between 1 and 5 marks. Therefore, the rider at the end of the day with the least marks wins.

Various members of the G8 team have competed at Trials in the UK as well as events in Europe and have many years of experience hosting Trials events from regional level up to big multi class National events.